Build an Elevated Garden

Like most projects, my idea to build an elevated garden came from scrolling through Pinterest. I loved the idea because I got the benefits of a raised bed garden without having to bend down and my garden can be moved with the military comes 'a-calling' for us to move to our ne. It's also high enough to keep my pups from digging in it and they quite like the shade it provides. 

This project was really fun because it combined two of my favorite things - woodworking and gardening. Here are the original plans we used.

Materials Needed:

  • 12ft of 1x8' lumber
  • 12ft of 4x4 lumber
  • 16ft of 1x4 lumber
  • 2  1/2" screws
  •  1 3x3' raised garden bed liner

Directions: for Cuts

1.  Cut two 22" cuts from the 1x8' lumber (legs)

2.  Cut two 4' cuts from the 1x8' lumber (side)

3. Cut four 33" cuts from the 4x4' lumber (side)

4. Cut two 15" cuts from the 1x4' lumber (bottom)

5. Cut ten 24" cuts from the 1x4' lumber (bottom)

6. Cut one 2.5"x24" cut from 1x4' lumber (bottom - for small hole left over)